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Prevention and Restoration are the keys to longevity. How we do that is through  detailed review  and findings of systems, correct application of functional medicine laboratory testing available, genomic analysis, individualized nutrition plan based on the findings and consulting of environmental, stress, and lifestyle triggers.  Biochemical pathways are used to get you to optimize your genetic expression hence to optimize your health.

Over 90% of current health conditions are  due  to choice not by chance.

Strategies For Better Health

Individualized Nutrition Plan
Optimizing Methylgenetics Profile
Speciality Nutraceuticals
Lifestyle, Environment, Stress Triggers Consulting
Promotion of Prevention as the means to enhance health span

Principles of our work


The focus is on you. No criticism, No judgment, that is  the difference. Our clients feel this difference upon the initial visit. Dedicated time is taken to understand the timeline of your symptoms you are experiencing.


Recognizing dynamic balance between the internal and external environment individual is experiencing.


Focusing on providing and achieving long lasting results, whereby we educate and provide resources so you can be in control and efficient as  your own healthpreneur.

Our specialization

We perform a wholistic detailed analysis of your health history from the prenatal period to the present day.This timeline is of importance in understanding the progression of symptoms presented. Our clients gain education and understanding of how their health conditions timeline has come to full effect, and they are guided to  restore health and practice preventative measures.  They no longer  see health as by chance, thus gaining full control of their choices.

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